Connector Description Image
BNC "Bayonet Neill-Concelman" connector.
Built-in telescopic
Burndept Burndept connector. Used on some Racal radios.
F-type TV and satellite cable connector.
Hi-Z High impedance, often meaning a long wire antenna connected via clamps or screwes.
Built-in ferrite rod Ferrite rods are often used for AM broadcast reception. They offer fair signal quality with compact antennas.
Built-in whip
Clamps/screws Either clamps or screws, typically used for connecting wire antennas. Also see Hi-Z.
KOK1 Often found on car radios. Not suitable for anything but strong broadcast signals.
Proprietary Unspecified proprietary connector.
N-type Threaded RF-connector suitable for up to 18GHz.
NMO New Motorola mount, for removable mobile antennas. Large threaded base for durability in wind.
Proprietary (military) Unspecified military connector.
RCA Often used for audio connections. Not very suitable for any HF/VHF signal.
SMA SubMiniature version A connector.
SMB SubMiniature version B connector.
SMC SubMiniature version C connector
SO-239 UHF connector. Also referred to as an M-type connector by Japanese manufacturers such as Kenwood.
TNC "Threaded Neill-Concelman" connector (threaded BNC).
TV aerial plug Also known as Belling-Lee connector, IEC 169-2 connector or PAL connector. Widely used for TV and FM radio in Europe. Not very suitable for VHF/UHF.

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