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I have registered for an account, but have received no confirmation mail.

When registering for an account with RigReference.com, a confirmation mail is send to the e-mail address you specified. This done to make sure the address is valid an belongs to you. To activate your account, you need to follow the instructions in the confirmation mail.
If you have not received a confirmation mail, please make sure it was not caught by your spam filter. Confirmation mails are being send from no-reply@rigreference.com, ensure you allow mail from this address to pass through your spam filter.

How do I submit a review?

Anyone who registered with RigReference.com can submit reviews.

Submit your review in 3 easy steps

  1. Create a RigReference account. If you already have an account, simply login.
  2. Select the rig you want to review. Rigs are categorized by manufacturer. Select your manufacturer on the left.
  3. Write a review and share your opinions with other HAM enthusiasts.

How do I submit a photo or document?

You have some photos, manuals or other documents you would like to share through this site? Great, we would love to hear from you! Please Kontakt us so we can get the materials on the site as soon as possible.

I see some rig data that is incorrect, what sould I do?

Every rig page has a link in the right sidebar: 'Report an error'. Use this link to report errors and corrections to rig data.

I see an image or document which I feel is inappropriate, what should I do?

Please Kontakt us ASAP. A member of the RigReference team will be alerted and will review the content. If it is indeed found to be inappropriate, it will be removed.

I see an image or document on RigReference which I feel I own the copyright to, what should I do?

RigReference respects copyrights. We try to get permission before placing any images or documents on our site. If you feel content on RigReference has been placed wrongly, please Kontakt us.

How can I compare specifications of different rigs?

Each rig page has a Compare this rig link in the Actions side panel. When you click this link, the rig you are viewing is added to a list of rigs to compare. Once you have selected at least 2 rigs to compare, click the Compare this selection link to conveniently view the selected rigs side-by-side.

  1. Actions panel
    Navigate to the rig of your choise and click Compare this rig. This option is disabled if the rig is already selected.
  2. Compare selection
    This displays the rigs you have selected for comparison. Each rig can be removed from the selection by clicking the remove button. A maximum of three rigs can be compared at the same time.
  3. Compare actions
    View the selected rigs side-by-side by clicking Compare this selection. You can also save your selection for later reference, if you are logged in.

How is the featured rig selected?

There is a new featured rig on our home page every day which is selected at random. Because of the selection mechanism we use, the exact time at which the rig is refreshed may vary.

What are price graphs?

Price graphs give a graphical representation of the price of a rig over the years; a sort of price history. Prices are submitted by RigReference members and can be both for new and used rigs.

To submit prices, sign in to RigReference.com, go to your rig of choise and add it to your collection. When asked, enter the price you paid for it. As soon as your price is saved it will be available to others.

What is the best way to link to a price graph?

The best way to link to a price graph is to use the code supplied next to the image. Using this code ensures you always link to the latest version of the graph. When visitors add new rig prices, your linked graph will automatically display them as soon as they are available.

Please note that it is not allowed to remove the link back to RigReference.com when you embed a graph into your website.

How is a rig's current market value calculated?

As you probably have seen members can enter what they paid for rigs at any specific time. For instance, I purchased a Yaesu FT-450 in 2009 for 619 euros. To calculate what the FT-450 would be worth today I simple take all historical data and interpolate that to the present day, devaluating for each passed year.

The current market value must be seen as an estimate. My devaluation algorithm uses simple linear logic, whereas real-world devaluation is usually not linear. Please note that the market value might not coinside with what people are actually willing to pay for a rig (both positive and negative).

How are the Top-10 lists calculated?

Top-10 lists are based on reviews written by RigReference members. Ratings are given for Performance, Build quality, Features, Ergonomics (user friendlyness) and Value for money. An average is calculated for every rig and a weight is calculated for the number and age of reviews.

The weight increases with the number of reviews and decreases as time passes by. This way rigs with many reviews score higher, and older reviews carry less weight in the overall score. This explains why rigs with higher scores may not be at the top of the list; their reviews may be too old for top scores.

Finally, a word of caution: reviews are personal opinions. They are not and should not be treated as technical test reports.

This document was last update January 30th, 2012.

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