When submitting a review, you get the opportunity to rate rigs rated in 4 areas. Each area is rated between 1 (poor) and 5 (great).


Performance indicates how well a rigs performs, compared to what the manufacturer specifies and compared to similar rigs.

Build quality

Build quality indicates how well a rig is build and contructed, and how its reliability, sturdiness, fit and finish is.


Features indicates the amount and the usefulness of features a rig has.


Ergonomics indicates the ease with which tasks can be accomplished with a rig. It tells us about how well thought through the design is. A high score in this area might mean the rig can be operated without having to digg through a user manual.

Value for money

Value for money indicates the value you get with a rig.


The overal rating depicts the average of the above 4 areas.

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