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Nice receiver for its day and still fun today. Hammarlund HQ-110C
Rev A Heath, G4GDR Alinco DJ-V5
A very fun radio to operate. Great for portable operating. MFJ 9406
Classic 23 CH SSB rig! SBE Sidebander IV
A 6M guru's staple rig for decades. Swan (Cubic) 250
Great HT for its time. Santec ST-144µP
Good one trick pony for 6M FM. Alinco DR-06T
The RX fix for the DR-620T. Great alternative to the big 3! Alinco DR-635T
Great RX receive! Kenwood TM-281A
Good bare-bones rig! Good AM TX. Kenwood TS-50S
A shack in the pocket! A multi-bander's must! Kenwood TH-F6A
Nice classic late 1970's 40CH AM base. RadioShack / Realistic TRC-432 "Navaho"
Great 23CH rig for its time, but not made to last. RadioShack / Realistic TRC-57 "Navaho"
Best sounding TX audio in CB's. A classic CB base! Uniden-Bearcat Washington
Great 1980's classic scanner! Still good today! Uniden-Bearcat BC175XL
Great classic 2M / 222MHz dual bander! Kenwood TM-631A
A rig that you wish was still made! Great X3! Kenwood TM-741E
Funnest shortwave rig I've ever had, and simple. Kenwood R-1000
Full featured, but the RX IMD problem is bad for metro areas. Alinco DR-620T
Great full featured FM 222MHz rig, even today! Kenwood TM-3530A
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