Uniden-Bearcat UBC785XLT reviews

Mobile HF/VHF/UHF Scanner / receiver
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Mar 1st 2009, 14:18
Used in 2008
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Super receiver!

The UBC785XLT is, in my opinion, a super receiver / scanner. Most functions are fairly easy to use, scanning is really fast (100 channels/sec), it has ample memory capacity and it even looks slick.
I've had a BC9000 before, which is a fine scanner also. But the 785 does everything just a little bit better.

So is nothing wrong then? Well, yes there is. What I miss in the 785 is an easy option to switch modulation (AM, FM, etc.) and tuning steps (5k, 10k, 12.5k, etc.) while listening/searching. The only way to switch both settings is by going into the programming menu and set the modulation for a (programmed) channel. I've found a remote control program for Windows, UnidenCommander ( http://dx.torensma.net ) which does allow the user to switch modulation and tuning steps with an easy click of a button. But if you always want to control your scanner via the PC is questionable.

Another thing I haven't been able to find out is how to enter a frequency directly via the keyboard. What I now do is set up a search range and let the scanner search over the frequency I'm interested in. But it would be nice to be able to just punch in the frequency directly.

I've rated ergonomics only 3/5 for these 2 reasons.

And the 785 is not cheap. But I guess quality doesn't come cheap anywhere.

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Uniden-Bearcat UBC785XLT ratings
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