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Desktop Shortwave receiver
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Feb 14th, 12:40
Used in 2017
GBP  160.00
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Good receiver with great audio

Bought my "FROG" thro Ebay in Jan 2017 from a retiring ham. Having replaced all the ageing electrolytic capacitors (15 total) it works like new.
Mine must be a late one because it has a digital frequency display which looks factory fitted.
It uses a Wadeley Loop and is a bit quirky to operate, but great fun. Sensitivity on a 50m long wire is as good as my modern TECSUN PL660.
My FRG7 also has the Fine Tune adjustment (later versions only) which benefits greatly from an extra 20uf being added in series with the vari-cap. This makes the selectivity as good as the Tecsun.
Solid, well built receiver which will go on forever!

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Yaesu FRG-7 ratings
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