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Jan 16th, 16:33
Used in 2005
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Cheap commercial VHF rig, even for its time, but versitile.

Early 1980's VHF commercial rig that was considered cheap for its time. RX sensitivity = .3uV, TX RF OUT = 20W. Programmable via front 45 degree slanted keypad and an internal jumper. There are two versions, WH2510 = 10 channel and WH2516 = 16 channel. There is also a Regency brand of this rig, (Model # escapes me. RH-256?), and a UHF version as well.
I did Ebay I bought a whole box of these rigs for cheap. Yeah, not the most sensitive RX on it, and programing FREQ's and CTCSS is a bit combersome, but very doable. Goto http://www.wb6nvh.com/RH256.htm to see how. Transmitter and receiver need to be tuned up to where you want them to operate. If you want 2M, you have to tune up RX and TX for that portions. You want 156MHz Marine band, same deal. So not a good wide-band rig at all. Audio quality on RX and TX is incredible! That top mounted 4" speaker is loud and proud, (The best internal speaker in a rig I've ever heard.), and the large PM mic with DIN twist-lock connector gives this rig great TX audio. When taking rig apart, be vary careful of keypad ribbon cable, very fragile. If you find one of these rigs for under $20.00, worth it, if you can spend the time to tune it up for 2M, or where ever you want to go. A 5mm white LED for the keypad, to replace wheatbulb, gives that keypad a nice cool white look. As a main rig? No, but a nice back-up, or starter, rig to have.

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Wilson WH2516 ratings
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