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Morse Code Trainer was designed by an Extra class ham radio operator who has been licensed for 33 years. It has several screens to aid the learning process.

This app will work with 3G devices up to about 20 words per minute, but performs better on 4G devices. It has the capability of up to 30 words per minute, depending on the processing power of newer devices with later versions of the Android operating system.

The "Learn Morse Code" screen has a button for each character. They are in alphabetical order. As you progress through the characters, there is a button that will play all the characters you have learned so far.

There is a hand key and a paddle key. You can switch from one to the other with the touch of a button. When you hold a dit or dah key, you get consecutive dits or dahs that follow the speed you set in the options screen. The paddle key doesn't yet have a squeeze feature. Six or more dits in a row will initiate a backspace to erase the last character. A wait of 2 seconds will generate a space. The options screen has two buttons that let you pick the paddle key settings. (Left paddle dit, right paddle dah) plus (Left paddle dah, right paddle dit).

The test screen has check boxes for alphabet chars, numbers, and punctuation, plus a check box for a "wait for key press." If the wait check box is checked, the test will work like AE Morse. If not, you have to type as you listen with no waiting for each character. After the test is over, it will show the characters in the test, and the characters you typed, plus your score. There are still a couple bugs to work out on this one.

The speed in words per minute can be adjusted from 5 to 30 WPM. Tone frequency has a wide range of adjustments. There is a Farnsworth on/off setting that will play the dit and dah duration at 18 WPM when practice speed is 18 WPM or slower. When Farnsworth is on, it keeps you used to a faster dit and dah speed, but there is more delay between characters.

There is a Koch practice screen that lets you use sliders to pick 3 characters to practice. Farnsworth is automatically enabled in this screen. It will play until you tap the stop button. It puts spaces for every 4th character. This one is fun to practice at about 30 WPM.

There is a Type and play screen that converts the text to CW and plays back the text you type. There is an online code practice screen that downloads practice files that are updated about once a week.

The formulas used are based on ARRL specifications.


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