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Infantry Company
Price: Free
This app allows you to quickly and easily lookup license data for U.S. amateur radio callsigns. Search by Callsign or Last Name.

If you...

Signal24, Inc.
Price: € 1,10
Easily lookup HAM (Amateur Radio) call signs, utilizing the latest available data directly from the FCC. Tap on the...
Steve Muncy
Price: Not available
a simple, small utility that allows the amateur radio operator with a dedicated Internet connection (DSL, cable) to quickly access online callsign...
Smerty Software
Price: Free
Open Source Ham Radio App for Android.

Solar / calculated band conditions, Maidenhead Grid Locator & Callsign...

Price: Free
Search amateur radio callsigns to find the DXCC, Continent, CQ & ITU Zone and a central latitude and...
Price: Free
Ham Radio Tools is a simple program that is to assist ham radio operators. Ham Radio Tools comes complete with a...
HH-CM Solutions
Price: Free
This app allows you to lookup data for amateur radio callsigns from hamqth.com database.

You need a free account at www.hamqth.com to use.

Macs By Moonlight
Price: $30.00
MacHam is a fast database containing the FCC Amateur Call Sign Information. MacHam runs from CDROM but can be easily copied to your hard disk (300...
Price: € 4,06
Norwegian Amateur radio callsign database.
HAM radio Licenses in Norway

Long click on "Tune" is emptying...

Jeffrey E. Hundstad
Price: Free
OMISS, or “Old Man International Sideband Society,” has been operating list-type awards nets on the General Amateur...
Price: Free
Instant access to more than 1.2 million amateur radio call signs from around the world. Includes easy sharing options via email, text, and more.
Price: Not available
If you are a user of 10 meters and into Ten-Ten International, you can use this to search member's numbers, calls, suffixes, prefixes, etc. It is...

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