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The DXSoft Group
Price: $20.00
AAVoice is a digital voice processor for amateur radio operators. Use prepared WAV files for transmission and simple circuits for the PTT control....
Price: Free

acarsd is an ACARS decoder for a LINUX or Windows PC which attempts to decode ACARS transmissions in real-time using up to four Soundcards....

Handy Software Lab
Price: $125.00
Brief description This program allows you to check the flow of data through a computer's COM ports. As you can see from software name this...
Price: Free

AVIATE 4 PRO is an easy to use but competent flight planning system for general aviation. Suitable for VFR as well as IFR flight planning....

Price: $15.00

BamLog is designed to take the work out of logging so you can focus your energy on the radio and QSO, instead of the overhead. By using a...

BW Consultants
Price: $49.95
Tone signaling generator for 2-way radio signaling. Uses sound card to generate CTCSS, DTMF, 2-tone paging, Tone-Remote, and 5/6-tone ANI....
Price: $35.00

Program to decode Morse code (CW) via sound card to text. It can work as narrow-band sound DSP-filter also. No additional hardware required -...

Price: Not available
The terminal program for CW-operators (amateur radio). You can transmit both from the keyboard and from the paddle connected to a joystick or LPT...
Afreet Software
Price: $29.95
Electronic World atlas for radio amateurs with ionospheric maps. DXCC and province prefixes, CQ and ITU Zones in the rectangular and azimuthal...
Cosmin Buhu
Price: $39.99
Lightweight HTTP server and a script engine (like PHP or ASP) in one application . It is a very good tool to control a device connected on a...
Alpine Software
Price: Not available

Ham Clock is a useful time management tool for HAM radio operators that displays the local and UTC time. This version is the first release on...

Ham Radio License
Price: $22.95

Start studying for your Ham Radio License today. This program contains the Technician, General, and the Newly Released Extra Class License Exam...

Ham Radio License
Price: $10.95

New Just Released, Ham Radio License Extra. Start studying for your Extra Class License today. You can be studying in a matter of minutes with...

Ham Radio License
Price: $10.95

Start studying for your General Class License today. You can be studying in a matter of minutes with our purchase and download immediate...

Ham Radio License
Price: $10.95

Start studying for your Technician Class License today. You can be studying in a matter of minutes with our purchase and download immediate...

Price: Not available
Price: Not available

Ipox5 is a voip application designed to link your PMR, CB, PMR446, amateur radio networks between sites. It is robust, designed for mobile...

DERO Software
Price: $15.00

Scanner has 2 channels with real time radar maps and arrival/departure listings for two major airports. Police, EMS, railroad, ham radio,...

Price: $33.95
NuCode is based around a set of lessons that includes the whole Morse code alphabet and other characters. If you can successfully complete the...
NuMorse and NuTest
Price: $15.95
NuTest is designed to get you up to speed with the FCC written theory tests as quickly as possible by providing on-screen and printed tests at all...
Dauntless Software
Price: $20.00
Learn to listen to Morse code quickly! Designed primarily for IFR and Private pilots who want to improve their safety by learning to aurally...
Dmitry Nefedov
Price: $29.95
Radio Explorer allows you to view shortwave radio broadcast schedules, so that you can tune in to on-air international radio stations and listen...
Radio-Sky Publishing
Price: $19.95

CNET Editors' review

Price: $45.00

SeaTTY is a program to receive weather reports, navigational warnings, and weather charts transmitted on long wave and shortwave bands in...

Price: $39.00
A program for amateur radio digital communications via a sound card. Supported modes are RTTY (Baudot code), ASCII (7 or 8 bits), PSK31 (BPSK and...
WINRADIO Communications
Price: Not available
WiNRADiO G313 USB radio receiver: The G313 Series receivers are professional software-defined shortwave receivers, for demanding monitoring and...
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