Rig types

Rigs are categorized into a number of rig-types. Here is a list of all types used on RigReference.com

Antenna tuner
Audio Signal Processor
Coder / decoder
Linear Amplifier
Power Supply
RF Meter
RoIP router
RTTY & Facsimile Equipment
Scanner / receiver
Spectrum Display
Station Control
SWR / Power meter
SWR Analyser
Weather radio

Form factors

The form factor shows how the exterior of a rig is designed.

Desktop Designed for stationary use, mostly powered by mains
Portable Larger than handheld, but not vehicle mounted like mobile
Handheld Designed to be carried around as a portable device
Headless "Black box" without controls, usually controlled via computer
Mobile Designed for mobile (vehicle) use, mostly powered by batteries or 13.8 VDC supply
PC-card Computer card designed to be placed inside PC, controlled completely via software

Frequency bands

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Radio Frequency Bands

EHF Extreme High Frequency 30 GHz - 300 GHz
ELF Extreme Low Frequency 3 Hz - 30 Hz
HF High Frequency 3 MHz - 30 MHz
LF Low Frequency 30 kHz - 300 kHz
MF Medium Frequency 300 kHz - 3 MHz
SHF Super High Frequency 3 GHz - 30 GHz
SLF Super Low Frequency 30 Hz - 300 Hz
UHF Ultra High Frequency 300 MHz - 3 GHz
ULF Ultra Low Frequency 300 Hz - 3 kHz
VHF Very High Frequency 30 MHz - 300 MHz
VLF Very Low Frequency 3 kHz - 30 kHz


All mode All modes are supported, usually meaning AM, FM, CW and SSB
AM Amplitude Modulation
N-AM Narrow-AM
W-AM Wide-AM
AM-sync Synchronised AM
AM-video Amplitude Modulated Video
FM Frequency Modulation
S-FM Small (band) FM
N-FM Narrow (band) FM
W-FM Wide (band) FM
W-FM Stereo Wide (band) FM Stereo
W-FM mono Wide (band) FM mono
FM-video Frequency Modulated Video
CW Continuous Wave (morse code)
SSB Single Sideband modulation
USB Upper Sideband modulation
LSB Lower Sideband modulation
DSB Double Sideband modulation
ISB Independent Sideband modulation
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
DMR Digital Mobile Radio
AFSK Audio Frequency Shift Keying
D-STAR Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio
P25 Digital communication protocol used by North American public safety agencies. Resembles European Tetra system.
APCO-25 Digital communication protocol used by North American public safety agencies. Resembles European Tetra system.
RTTY Radioteletype; a collection of techniques using a teletype, modem and radio to transmit text characters via airwaves. The actual modulation used in this mode can vary.
PSK31 Phase Shift Keying, 31 Baud
TV Analog TV
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting
FAX Facsimile, used to transmit text and images.
GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
DV Digital Voice

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