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Dual band digital transceiver
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Jul 30th, 14:55
New in 2017
USD  369.95
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One Fine Little Radio...

Being newly licensed (04/2017), in the the AR world, I wanted my 1st purchase to be NEW, and not outdated within the next few years. Although it's somewhat complicated (for me) to use at first, I have begun learning what all this radio has to offer.

The price was $419.95. With the $50.00 mail in REBATE from Yaesu, it was knocked down to $369.95. (I have to add, I received my check in the mail within 3 weeks!)

I bought the ADMS FT-2DR software when I bought the radio. This was much easier to use & understand, for me as a beginner than the Yaesu (online) software.

By adding the MFJ 1717S antenna, I increased the range & clarity of this radio dramatically. I would suggest the upgrade, if you are considering purchasing one of these.

From my ZERO experience with any other radio, I have to say I like this little HT. It is fairly easy to use right out of the box and helping me learn, and well as letting me "get out there". It is well built, a solid little radio, and performs better than some of the other radios I've heard on air.

As far as my "dislikes", the buttons on the left, are hard to use with my fat fingers, but still manageable. They are a bit small, but fit the radio. Also, the access ports on the left, there isn't much room to slip in the Micro SD card. Fat fingers, again?

Once I get a little more experience with this HT, I will come back and update this review.

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