Using the Solar widget with Drupal

This guide describes how to use the Solar widget with a standard1 Drupal 6.x or 7.x installation.

I find the most flexible way to add the widget in Drupal is to use a block. A regular 'Article' or 'Basic page' will also work, but a block allows you to move the widget around on your site.

  1. Go to Structure | Block
  2. Click Add block
  3. Enter an title optional title and a block description
  4. In the Block body, enter the widget code for the wide or tall layout.
  5. As text format, choose Full HTML1
  6. Add the block you the region(s) of choice
  7. Save the block

1As the Solar widget uses html and javascript, you need to use the Full HTML text format. If you do not see Full HTML in your site, you may need to check your text format settings or permissions.

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