Swan (Cubic) Est. 1961 , closed 1974 | USA

Swan Electronics was founded by W6QKI, also the founder of Atlas Radio Co. Swan was started in 1961 in Benson, Arizona, USA. At its peak Swan produced as many as 400 radios per month. The company merged with Cubic Corporation in 1967. Over 80,000 transceivers were made over the years.

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Image Model
Swan (Cubic) 100 MX 100 MX
Swan (Cubic) 102 BX 102 BX
Swan (Cubic) 250 250
Swan (Cubic) 250C 250C
Swan (Cubic) 260 Cygnet 260 Cygnet
Swan (Cubic) 270 Cygnet 270 Cygnet
Swan (Cubic) 350 350
Swan (Cubic) 350A 350A
Swan (Cubic) 350B 350B
Swan (Cubic) 350C 350C
Swan (Cubic) 350D 350D
Swan (Cubic) 400 400
Swan (Cubic) 500 500
Swan (Cubic) 500C 500C
Swan (Cubic) 500CX 500CX
Swan (Cubic) 600R 600R
Swan (Cubic) 600T 600T
Swan (Cubic) 700 700
Swan (Cubic) 750 750
Swan (Cubic) Astro C Astro C
Swan (Cubic) Astro-102BXA Astro-102BXA
Swan (Cubic) Astro-103 Astro-103
Swan (Cubic) Astro-150 Astro-150
Swan (Cubic) Astro-150A Astro-150A
Swan (Cubic) MB-80 MB-80
Swan (Cubic) Military (?) Military (?)
Swan (Cubic) SS-200A SS-200A
Swan (Cubic) SW-120 SW-120
Swan (Cubic) SW-140 SW-140
Swan (Cubic) SW-160X SW-160X
Swan (Cubic) SW-240 SW-240
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