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Dec 16th 2012, 11:26
Used in 2012
EUR  300.00
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Still going strong

Qrt since 1973, back about a year ago. The first thing I did was looking for a Drake line. Today I'm the proud owner of a TR4CW and an R4C to acc. the transceiver. Both needed some attention, but who doesen't need a bit of "trimming" when over 40 year's old.

But they are still working, transceiver sounding very nice especially on CW. Who reading this, think someone will be using my Yeasu FT-450, eventhough it's a really nice rig, when being more than 40 year's old?

73 de Johan / SA3BYC back on HF after 39 years Qrt

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Drake TR-4CW ratings
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