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HF Transceiver
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Mar 15th, 21:51
Used in 2003
GBP  58.00
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the not so drifty Swan 350C

Have had one of these wonderful transceivers from 2003 to the present day,used almost daily always get excellent signal and audio reports everything about it is beautiful especially the silky smooth 2-speed tuning,they are expensive to run as many of the valves/tubes are no longer made,the output valves in particular can cost £70-120 for the pair.They are not easy to operate ( not for the faint hearted) as the radio requires re-tuning each time you change the frequency band putting great strain on the output valves it has to be done quickly and accurately.
And yes they do drift initially with all the heat generated by the valves etc but eventually they do stabilize after maybe 40 minutes.Then the fun can start.

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Swan (Cubic) 350C ratings
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