RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2035 Price History

The estimated* current market value of the RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2035 is:

EUR 80.00 (highest: 80.00 in 2017, lowest: 80.00 in 2017)

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Prices paid for the RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2035

Price Condition Year Member
EUR 80.00 Used/Good 2017 Lekke

* A word about rig prices

The RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2035 Price History gives a real-world overview of what ham operators paid for the rig over the years. It allows you to make an accurate estimate of what the RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2035 is worth today.

Please note that the estimated current market value is an average price based on the data displayed on this page. A great number of factors influence the actual market value of specific rig. Also market value may not reflect what people are actually willing to pay. Prices are weighted by year (older prices carry less weight). Read more about how Price History prices are calculated.

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