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New reviews
RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2033
Inherited this scanner
5 days ago by Sherry Shields
Yupiteru MVT-7100
Very good scanner
1 week ago by kellymay
Tecsun PL747
super radio
2 weeks ago by g-shock
Clegg 22'er FM
Clegg 22'er FM DE KG5N
4 weeks ago by KG5N
Yaesu FT-757GX II
Yeasu FT-757gx is one fine radio!
2 months ago by tommy44
Midland 13-877
Midland 13-877 Built By Uni Electronics Corp In Japan.
5 months ago by bigmur001
New manuals
Document preview ICOM IC-2500/9k6 mod
Uploaded 2 days ago by RigReference
Scanner FIXe Jpg
Uploaded 3 days ago by Thierry Chameau
Document preview Elecraft KPA1500 Programming Reference Ver-2.34
KPA1500 commands and their responses use the ASCII character set. 53 pages.
Uploaded 6 days ago by RigReference
Document preview Elecraft KPA1500 Owner's Manual Rev B1
Contains specifications, installation and operation instructions, remote operation, calibration details and interfacing with other transceivers. Revision B1, February 12, 2...
Uploaded 6 days ago by RigReference
Icom FDAM-3 Schematic
Schematic diagram, redrawn by JH3DBO in 1997 from the original diagram from 1969.
Uploaded 1 week ago by RigReference
Document preview Radio-Shack Pro-91 Owner's Manual
Owner's manual. Contains operation instructions, trunk tracking, troubleshooting and maintenance and technical specifications. Cat. no. 20-521. 72 pages.
Uploaded 1 week ago by RigReference