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Title Rig Rating
very good receiver AOR AR-5000
Good receiver AOR AR-DV1
One Fine Little Radio... Yaesu FT2DR
Yupireru MVT-7100 Yupiteru MVT-7100
Very best value in ham radio, period FlexRadio FLEX-3000
excellent radio Ten-Tec 539
vhf/uhf scanner RadioShack / Realistic Pro-26 (newer)
good tabletop receiver RadioShack / Realistic Pro-2006
solid handheld Yaesu VR-500
The perk and jerks of this rig. Baofeng UV-25X4
excellent portable Sony Air-8
good quality handheld ICOM IC-R10
best hf portable Sony ICF-2001D
great airband reciever RadioShack / Realistic Pro-25 (newer)
Midland 80 Ch 100M Midland 100M
Good quality receiver Hallicrafters S-20R Sky Champion
Still a workhorse of the 2k's ICOM IC-751A
My CX-7 ( with the orange display) Signal/One CX-7
Super Rig Elecraft K2
I had one of these Gonset G-33
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