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the not so drifty Swan 350C Swan (Cubic) 350C
One of the best ever. ICOM IC-745
Pleasant XCVR Atlas 180
Dependable and great audio Yaesu FT-840
Best rig i ever owned FlexRadio FLEX-5000A
Heathkit HX-30 corrections Heathkit HX-30
Lovely simple receiver Kenwood R-1000
Good receiver with great audio Yaesu FRG-7
42 years and still playing National / Panasonic RF-1150
Excellent solid stable transmitter Harvey-Wells TBS-50D (Bandmaster Deluxe)
I find the original RCI-2950 just as great! Ranger RCI-2950DX
Full featured AM SWL mini portable. Etón E10
One of the last USA built rigs, and a bit ahead of its time. E.F. Johnson Messenger 4145
Cheap commercial VHF rig, even for its time, but versitile. Wilson WH2516
Cheap, even in its day, but versitile. Wilson WH2510
Nice concept rig! E.F. Johnson Messenger 130A
Nice receiver for its day and still fun today. Hammarlund HQ-110C
Rev A Heath, G4GDR Alinco DJ-V5
A very fun radio to operate. Great for portable operating. MFJ 9406
Classic 23 CH SSB rig! SBE Sidebander IV
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