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Title Rig Rating
AWESOME RIG Ten-Tec Omni-D (546)
Not Bad for its time; still a useable rig Drake TR-72
Very Nice Transceiver NCG 15M
Clear audio. Yaesu FT-211RH
Exceptional Basic HF Transceiver ICOM IC-7200
Sangean ATS-909X Sangean ATS-909X
An oldie but a goodie !!! Uniden-Bearcat BC800XLT
top radio Racal RA-17L
Nice radio Racal RA-17L
Aka stalker 9f dx nice old multimode am fm Ssb rig Teaberry Stalker IX
Its a pretty nice Chinese Rig Quansheng TG-620
operator ICOM IC-746 Pro
Lucky Moment Rohde & Schwarz ESM-180
HANDIC 2305 BASE Handic 2305
topper Siemens 745 E311a
topper Siemens 745 E309b
goede ontvanger Siemens 745 E309b
Still Competition Grade in 2014 Drake R4C
Excellent Receiver Drake R4A
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