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Who we are is designed for and by Ham Radio enthusiasts. provides information about new and vintage amateur radio equipment (rigs) and allows and encourages members to share their opinions about these rigs. is always looking for amateur related news, especially new equipment announcements. If you've seen or heard anything interesting please don't hesitate to contact us! explicitly does not sell ham radio equipment and/or parts.

Top-10 Rigs

RigReference's Top-10 lists are based on user reviews and ratings.

1 Siemens 745 E309b write review
Score: 3.80, 2 reviews
2 Drake R4A write review
Score: 5.00, 1 reviews
3 Drake R4C write review
Score: 5.00, 1 reviews
4 Yaesu FT-102 write review
Score: 5.00, 1 reviews
5 Yaesu FTdx1200 write review
Score: 5.00, 1 reviews
6   Dak Mark X write review
Score: 4.60, 1 reviews
7 ICOM IC-7100 write review
Score: 4.60, 2 reviews
8 Drake 2-B write review
Score: 4.90, 2 reviews
9 ICOM IC-V80 write review
Score: 5.00, 1 reviews
10 ICOM IC-738 write review
Score: 4.80, 1 reviews
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