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Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview AN/ARC-33
Includes technical specifications and characteristics and general description of the set. Originally marked **Confidential**.
Jun 1952 PDF, 278.3 kB 2 years ago
BC-1206 Circuit diagram
GIF, Unknown size 10 years ago
Ra 105 Original power supply circuit diagram
Circuit diagram of the original Ra 105 power supply as made by Svensk power (SRA)
JPG, Unknown size 6 years ago
Ra 105 Replacement power supply circuit diagram
Replacement power supply for the Ra 105 / PRC-10. Copyright reserved.
JPG, Unknown size 6 years ago
Document preview SEM-35 Manpack description from VMARS (aug. 2000)
PDF, Unknown size 10 years ago
Document preview USSR R-871 translations (Russian - English)
PDF, Unknown size 8 years ago
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