Uniden-Bearcat Est. 1966 | Japan

Uniden Corporation is a Japanese company established on February 7, 1966 by its founder Hideo Fujimoto. Uniden became a well known brand in the 1970s by manufacturing and marketing millions of CB radios, under the Uniden brand as well as popular private brands such as President and Bearcat.

During the 1980s, Uniden grew to become the worlds largest manufacturer of cordless telephones and television satellite equipment, mobile radios, advanced marine electronics and radio scanners (the latter under Bearcat brandname). Most cordless phones with the RadioShack brand are actually made by Uniden.

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Image Model
Uniden-Bearcat 980 980
Uniden-Bearcat 2020 2020
Uniden-Bearcat 2830 2830
Uniden-Bearcat BC 147XLT BC 147XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC-101 BC-101
Uniden-Bearcat BC-RH96 BC-RH96
Uniden-Bearcat BC50XL BC50XL
Uniden-Bearcat BC55XLT BC55XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC60XLT BC60XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC70XLT BC70XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC72XLT BC72XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC80XLT BC80XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC95XLT BC95XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC100XLT BC100XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC120XLT BC120XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC175XL BC175XL
Uniden-Bearcat BC200XLT BC200XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC220FB BC220FB
Uniden-Bearcat BC220XLT BC220XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC230XLT BC230XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC235XLT BC235XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC244CLT BC244CLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC245XLT BC245XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC246T BC246T
Uniden-Bearcat BC248CLT BC248CLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC250D BC250D
Uniden-Bearcat BC278CLT BC278CLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC296D BC296D
Uniden-Bearcat BC340 CRS BC340 CRS
Uniden-Bearcat BC346XT BC346XT
Uniden-Bearcat BC355C BC355C
Uniden-Bearcat BC760XLT BC760XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC785D BC785D
Uniden-Bearcat BC796D BC796D
Uniden-Bearcat BC800XLT BC800XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC855XLT BC855XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC890XLT BC890XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC895XLT BC895XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC898T BC898T
Uniden-Bearcat BC3000XLT BC3000XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BC9000XLT BC9000XLT
Uniden-Bearcat BCD396T BCD396T
Uniden-Bearcat BCD996T BCD996T
Uniden-Bearcat BCD996XT BCD996XT
Uniden-Bearcat BCT-7 BCT-7
Uniden-Bearcat BCT-8 BCT-8
Uniden-Bearcat BCT-10 BearTracker BCT-10 BearTracker
Uniden-Bearcat BCT-12 StormTracker BCT-12 StormTracker
Uniden-Bearcat BCT15 BCT15
Uniden-Bearcat BCT15X BCT15X
Uniden-Bearcat BR-330T BR-330T
Uniden-Bearcat DX-1000 DX-1000
Uniden-Bearcat Four-Six TS Four-Six TS
Uniden-Bearcat Grant Grant
Uniden-Bearcat Grant LT Grant LT
Uniden-Bearcat HomePatrol-1 HomePatrol-1
Uniden-Bearcat Madison (V.3) Madison (V.3)
Uniden-Bearcat Madison (V.4) Madison (V.4)
Uniden-Bearcat MR8100 MR8100
Uniden-Bearcat P-1000 P-1000
Uniden-Bearcat PC-68LTW PC-68LTW
Uniden-Bearcat PC-78LTW PC-78LTW
Uniden-Bearcat PC-404 PC-404
Uniden-Bearcat PC76XL PC76XL
Uniden-Bearcat Pro 510XL Pro 510XL
Uniden-Bearcat Pro 520XL Pro 520XL
Uniden-Bearcat Pro 538XL Pro 538XL
Uniden-Bearcat Pro-620 Pro-620
Uniden-Bearcat PRO340XL PRO340XL
Uniden-Bearcat SC-150Y/B SC-150Y/B
Uniden-Bearcat SC-180 SC-180
Uniden-Bearcat SC-200 SC-200
Uniden-Bearcat SC-230 SC-230
Uniden-Bearcat UBC30XLT UBC30XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC92XLT UBC92XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC100XLT UBC100XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC125AT/XLT UBC125AT/XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC144XLT UBC144XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC245XLT UBC245XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC280XLT UBC280XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC360CLT UBC360CLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC780XLT UBC780XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC785XLT UBC785XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT UBC800XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC3300XLT UBC3300XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC3500XLT UBC3500XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBC9000XLT UBC9000XLT
Uniden-Bearcat UBCD396T UBCD396T
Uniden-Bearcat UBCT-8 UBCT-8
Uniden-Bearcat UH015sx UH015sx
Uniden-Bearcat Washington Washington
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