Gonset Est. 1940 | USA

Gonset was an all American radio manufacturer. The company was founded by father Gonset, but only really took off when his son, Faust Gonset joined him in the 1940s.

The most famous and prevalent Gonset radios were the Communicator series of AM transceivers for 6 and 2 meters. Back in the days most VHF communication was done in AM and Gonset sold large quantities of these rigs.

Gonset didn't survive the transition to solid state. Faust Gonset sold the company to one of his suppliers, then it was sold one more time in the 1960s before vanishing without a trace.

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Image Model
Gonset 2-meter 2-meter
Gonset Commander Commander
Gonset Communicator 6 meter Communicator 6 meter
Gonset Communicator II Communicator II
Gonset Communicator III Communicator III
Gonset Communicator IV Communicator IV
Gonset Communicator IV-220 Communicator IV-220
Gonset G-11 G-11
Gonset G-33 G-33
Gonset G-43 G-43
Gonset G-50 G-50
Gonset G-66 G-66
Gonset G-76 G-76
Gonset G-77 G-77
Gonset GC-105 Gooney Bird GC-105 Gooney Bird
Gonset GR-211 GR-211
Gonset GR-212 GR-212
Gonset GSB-100 GSB-100
Gonset GSB-101 GSB-101
Gonset Sidewinder 900A Sidewinder 900A
Gonset Sidewinder 910A Sidewinder 910A
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