Alinco Est. 1970 | Japan

The Japanese Alinco (established in 1970) has a large array of products, mostly for mobile and portable communication. With the introduction of the Alinco DX-77T and Alinco DX-SR8 they have also moved into the desktop HF radio market. The detachable front-panel of the Alinco DX-SR8 is uncommon for a desktop radio. The only other desktop model featuring a separate front-panel is the Kenwood TS-480SAT

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Image Model
Alinco ALD-24E ALD-24E
Alinco ALD-24T ALD-24T
Alinco ALM-203E ALM-203E
Alinco ALM-203T ALM-203T
Alinco ALR-21X ALR-21X
Alinco ALR-22E ALR-22E
Alinco ALR-22T ALR-22T
Alinco ALR-206T ALR-206T
Alinco ALX-2T ALX-2T
Alinco DJ-100 DJ-100
Alinco DJ-120E DJ-120E
Alinco DJ-120T DJ-120T
Alinco DJ-160E DJ-160E
Alinco DJ-160T DJ-160T
Alinco DJ-162 DJ-162
Alinco DJ-175E DJ-175E
Alinco DJ-175T DJ-175T
Alinco DJ-180 DJ-180
Alinco DJ-190T DJ-190T
Alinco DJ-191T DJ-191T
Alinco DJ-193J DJ-193J
Alinco DJ-195 DJ-195
Alinco DJ-196T DJ-196T
Alinco DJ-280T DJ-280T
Alinco DJ-296T DJ-296T
Alinco DJ-460E DJ-460E
Alinco DJ-460T DJ-460T
Alinco DJ-480 DJ-480
Alinco DJ-493J DJ-493J
Alinco DJ-496T DJ-496T
Alinco DJ-500E DJ-500E
Alinco DJ-520J DJ-520J
Alinco DJ-530J DJ-530J
Alinco DJ-560E DJ-560E
Alinco DJ-560T DJ-560T
Alinco DJ-562SX DJ-562SX
Alinco DJ-580 DJ-580
Alinco DJ-593E MKII DJ-593E MKII
Alinco DJ-593J DJ-593J
Alinco DJ-596E DJ-596E
Alinco DJ-596E MKII DJ-596E MKII
Alinco DJ-596J DJ-596J
Alinco DJ-596T DJ-596T
Alinco DJ-C1 DJ-C1
Alinco DJ-C4 DJ-C4
Alinco DJ-C5 DJ-C5
Alinco DJ-C6E DJ-C6E
Alinco DJ-C7 DJ-C7
Alinco DJ-F1T DJ-F1T
Alinco DJ-F4T DJ-F4T
Alinco DJ-G1E DJ-G1E
Alinco DJ-G5E DJ-G5E
Alinco DJ-G5T DJ-G5T
Alinco DJ-G7E DJ-G7E
Alinco DJ-G7T DJ-G7T
Alinco DJ-G29T DJ-G29T
Alinco DJ-S1T DJ-S1T
Alinco DJ-S4T DJ-S4T
Alinco DJ-S11T DJ-S11T
Alinco DJ-S12 DJ-S12
Alinco DJ-S17E DJ-S17E
Alinco DJ-S40 DJ-S40
Alinco DJ-S41T DJ-S41T
Alinco DJ-S42 DJ-S42
Alinco DJ-S45E DJ-S45E
Alinco DJ-S45T DJ-S45T
Alinco DJ-S47E DJ-S47E
Alinco DJ-V5 DJ-V5
Alinco DJ-V17E DJ-V17E
Alinco DJ-V17T DJ-V17T
Alinco DJ-V27 DJ-V27
Alinco DJ-V47E DJ-V47E
Alinco DJ-V47T DJ-V47T
Alinco DJ-V57E DJ-V57E
Alinco DJ-V57T DJ-V57T
Alinco DJ-X1 DJ-X1
Alinco DJ-X01 Wave catcher DJ-X01 Wave catcher
Alinco DJ-X2 DJ-X2
Alinco DJ-X3 DJ-X3
Alinco DJ-X3S DJ-X3S
Alinco DJ-X5 DJ-X5
Alinco DJ-X7 DJ-X7
Alinco DJ-X8 DJ-X8
Alinco DJ-X10 DJ-X10
Alinco DJ-X11 DJ-X11
Alinco DJ-X20 DJ-X20
Alinco DJ-X30 E/T/K DJ-X30 E/T/K
Alinco DJ-X2000 DJ-X2000
Alinco DR-03T DR-03T
Alinco DR-06T DR-06T
Alinco DR-110T DR-110T
Alinco DR-112T DR-112T
Alinco DR-119 DR-119
Alinco DR-120H DR-120H
Alinco DR-130 DR-130
Alinco DR-135E DR-135E
Alinco DR-135E MKII DR-135E MKII
Alinco DR-135E MKIII DR-135E MKIII
Alinco DR-135T MKII DR-135T MKII
Alinco DR-135TP DR-135TP
Alinco DR-138 DR-138
Alinco DR-140 DR-140
Alinco DR-150 DR-150
Alinco DR-235T DR-235T
Alinco DR-235T MKII DR-235T MKII
Alinco DR-235T MKIII DR-235T MKIII
Alinco DR-420H DR-420H
Alinco DR-430 DR-430
Alinco DR-435E MKIII DR-435E MKIII
Alinco DR-435T DR-435T
Alinco DR-438 DR-438
Alinco DR-510T DR-510T
Alinco DR-570T DR-570T
Alinco DR-590T DR-590T
Alinco DR-592HX DR-592HX
Alinco DR-599 DR-599
Alinco DR-605E DR-605E
Alinco DR-605T DR-605T
Alinco DR-610 DR-610
Alinco DR-620D DR-620D
Alinco DR-620E DR-620E
Alinco DR-620T DR-620T
Alinco DR-635E DR-635E
Alinco DR-635T DR-635T
Alinco DR-1200 DR-1200
Alinco DR-M03SX DR-M03SX
Alinco DR-M06TH DR-M06TH
Alinco DR-M10H DR-M10H
Alinco DR-M40H DR-M40H
Alinco DR-M50H DR-M50H
Alinco DX-10 DX-10
Alinco DX-70TH DX-70TH
Alinco DX-77T DX-77T
Alinco DX-701 DX-701
Alinco DX-801 DX-801
Alinco DX-R8 DX-R8
Alinco DX-SR8 DX-SR8
Alinco DX-SR9 DX-SR9
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