Philips Est. 1907 | Netherlands

Consumer electronics manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Philips made some ham targeted receivers in the 1980's of which the Philips D-2999PLL is probably the best known model.

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Image Model Type
8 RO 501 Desktop Shortwave receiver
RX: 0.225-31.2 MHz in 6 bands
AE3905 HF/VHF Receiver
RX: 0.17-30 / 88-108 MHz
CB Handheld Transceiver
RX: 26.965-27.405 MHz
TX: 26.965-27.405 MHz
HF/VHF Receiver
RX: 0.15-30 / 88-108 MHz
D-2999PLL Mobile HF/VHF Receiver
RX: 0.15-29.9 / 87.5-108 MHz
RT-2000 Portable Shortwave Transceiver
RX: 1.6-30 MHz
TX: 1.6-30 MHz
RT-3600 Mobile HF/VHF Transceiver
RX: 26.000-69.950 MHz
TX: 26.000-69.950 MHz
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