RFT Est. East-Germany

RFT (Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik) was an East-German collection of electronics manufactureres. Their products were manufactured by many different companies and sold under a wide range of brand names. RFT equipment was found in many DDR households in the 1960's,'70's and '80's. Professional RFT receivers, like the RFT EKD-300 and RFT EKD-500 are quite common in (Eastern) European ham shacks.

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Image Model
RFT 210 210
RFT 215 215
RFT 215B 215B
RFT 215C 215C
RFT EKD-100 EKD-100
RFT EKD-300 EKD-300
RFT EKD-500 EKD-500
RFT EKD-700 EKD-700
RFT SEG 100 SEG 100
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