Yupiteru Est. 1970 | Japan

Yupiteru Industries are involved in the manufacture of a wide range of products including car security systems, microwave sensors, invertors and cordless telephones. Yupiteru are also world leaders in hand-held, full coverage scanners. Their equipment is rugged, compact, very sensitive, and best of all, excellent value for the money.

Note: the Yupiteru website is available in Japanese only.

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Image Model
Yupiteru MVT-3000 MVT-3000
Yupiteru MVT-3100 MVT-3100
Yupiteru MVT-3300 MVT-3300
Yupiteru MVT-3400 MVT-3400
Yupiteru MVT-4000 MVT-4000
Yupiteru MVT-5000 MVT-5000
Yupiteru MVT-5500 MVT-5500
Yupiteru MVT-6000 MVT-6000
Yupiteru MVT-7000 MVT-7000
Yupiteru MVT-7000EX MVT-7000EX
Yupiteru MVT-7100 MVT-7100
Yupiteru MVT-7200 MVT-7200
Yupiteru MVT-7300 MVT-7300
Yupiteru MVT-7500 MVT-7500
Yupiteru MVT-8000 MVT-8000
Yupiteru MVT-9000 MVT-9000
Yupiteru MVT-9000MKII MVT-9000MKII
Yupiteru VT-125 VT-125
Yupiteru VT-125 II VT-125 II
Yupiteru VT-150 VT-150
Yupiteru VT-225 VT-225
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