Racal Est. 1950 | Great Britain

Racal was founded by Ray Brown and Jock Calder Cunningham in 1950. After some difficult years Racal made the RA-17 in 1955 as part of a Royal Navy deal. The RA-17 used the then revolutionary Wadley-loop circuit.

In 1979 Racal bought Decca Radar and formed Racal-Decca. After some name changes in the 1980's and 90's, Racal was finally sold to Thomson-CSF, now known as Thales Group.

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Racal 25 25
Racal RA-17L RA-17L
Racal RA-117 RA-117
Racal RA-217 RA-217
Racal RA-1217 RA-1217
Racal RA-1218 RA-1218
Racal RA-1231 RA-1231
Racal RA-1772 RA-1772
Racal RA-1778 RA-1778
Racal RA-1792 RA-1792
Racal RA-1795 RA-1795
Racal RA-3701 RA-3701
Racal RA-3712 RA-3712
Racal RA-3721 RA-3721
Racal RA-3791 RA-3791
Racal RA-6772 RA-6772
Racal RA-6778C RA-6778C
Racal RA-6778Q RA-6778Q
Racal RA-6790/GM RA-6790/GM
Racal RA-6793A RA-6793A
Racal TRA-921 TRA-921
Racal TRA-931 TRA-931
Racal TRA-967 TRA-967
Racal TRA-6906 TRA-6906
TTA 3771
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