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Ten-Tec Corsair II
Corsair II "in-flight'
1 month ago by Tony-KA8UGB
Alinco DJ-V57T
The best handheld radio
4 months ago by jalpha030
Galaxy 300
a sleeper
4 months ago by marshallandlawanda
Ten-Tec Eagle (599)
Tentec Eagle AT
4 months ago by ajamas.rn
5 months ago by vocom2008
Yaesu FT-767GX
Yaesu FT-767GX Transceiver
5 months ago by m6oxo
New documents
Eddystone 750 Service Information
21-page instruction manual with installation + operation instructions, alignment details, circuit diagrams and a review/description by J. N. Walker (G5JU).
Uploaded 2 days ago by RigReference
Eddystone 740 Circuit Diagram
Circuit diagram with test points, very helpful for alignment or fault finding.
Uploaded 3 days ago by RigReference
Eddystone 740 Instruction Manual
Intruction manual for the Eddystone model 740 communications receiver. Contains operation and alignment instructions, installation + circuit diagrams and parts list. 7 page...
Uploaded 3 days ago by RigReference
Heathkit SA-2040 Antenna Tuner
Scan of the original 61-page Heathkit manual for the model SA-2040 antenna tuner. Contains parts list, step-by-step assembly instructions, installation + operation instruct...
Uploaded 6 days ago by RigReference
Heathkit SA-2060A Manual
Complete 82-page assembly and instruction manual for the SA-2060 antenna tuner. Contains assembly notes, parts list, assembly instructions, installation + operation instruc...
Uploaded 1 week ago by RigReference
Heathkit SB-1000 Assembly and User Manual
Heathkit manual for the linear amplifier model SB-1000. Contains technical specifications, part list, detailed assembly instructions, test + alignment details, installation...
Uploaded 1 week ago by RigReference