Kenwood Est. 1946 | Japan

Kenwood was founded as the Kasuga Radio Company in 1946 as a builder of electronic components and amateur radio equipment. The company name was changed to Trio-Kenwood in the 1950's to better suite their international needs. In 1963, Kenwood opened their US office, Kenwood Electronics, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. From then on, Trio products were sold under the Kenwood brand excursively. In 1986 the Trio brand was completely dropped and the company became known as the Kenwood Corporation.

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Image Model
Kenwood 9R-4J 9R-4J
Kenwood 9R-59 9R-59
Kenwood 9R-59DE 9R-59DE
Kenwood 9R-59DS 9R-59DS
Kenwood JR-310 JR-310
Kenwood JR-500SE JR-500SE
Kenwood JR-599 JR-599
Kenwood JR-599 CS JR-599 CS
Kenwood QR-666 QR-666
Kenwood R-300 R-300
Kenwood R-599A R-599A
Kenwood R-599D R-599D
Kenwood R-599S R-599S
Kenwood R-600 R-600
Kenwood R-820 R-820
Kenwood R-1000 R-1000
Kenwood R-2000 R-2000
Kenwood R-5000 R-5000
Kenwood RZ-1 RZ-1
Kenwood SM-230 SM-230
Kenwood T-599D T-599D
Kenwood T-599S T-599S
Kenwood TH-21A TH-21A
Kenwood TH-21AT TH-21AT
Kenwood TH-21E TH-21E
Kenwood TH-22E TH-22E
Kenwood TH-25AT TH-25AT
Kenwood TH-25E TH-25E
Kenwood TH-26E TH-26E
Kenwood TH-27A TH-27A
Kenwood TH-27E TH-27E
Kenwood TH-28E TH-28E
Kenwood TH-41AT TH-41AT
Kenwood TH-41E TH-41E
Kenwood TH-42E TH-42E
Kenwood TH-45AT TH-45AT
Kenwood TH-45E TH-45E
Kenwood TH-46E TH-46E
Kenwood TH-47A TH-47A
Kenwood TH-47E TH-47E
Kenwood TH-48E TH-48E
Kenwood TH-55E TH-55E
Kenwood TH-59 TH-59
Kenwood TH-75A TH-75A
Kenwood TH-75E TH-75E
Kenwood TH-77A TH-77A
Kenwood TH-77E TH-77E
Kenwood TH-78E TH-78E
Kenwood TH-79E TH-79E
Kenwood TH-89 TH-89
Kenwood TH-205E TH-205E
Kenwood TH-215E TH-215E
Kenwood TH-255A TH-255A
Kenwood TH-405E TH-405E
Kenwood TH-415E TH-415E
Kenwood TH-D7A TH-D7A
Kenwood TH-D7A(G) TH-D7A(G)
Kenwood TH-D7E TH-D7E
Kenwood TH-D7E(2.0) TH-D7E(2.0)
Kenwood TH-D72 TH-D72
Kenwood TH-F6A TH-F6A
Kenwood TH-F7E TH-F7E
Kenwood TH-F9 (fake!) TH-F9 (fake!)
Kenwood TH-G71E TH-G71E
Kenwood TH-K2E TH-K2E
Kenwood TH-K2ET TH-K2ET
Kenwood TH-K4E TH-K4E
Kenwood TH-K7 TH-K7
Kenwood TH-K20AT TH-K20AT
Kenwood TK-90 TK-90
Kenwood TK-805D TK-805D
Kenwood TL-120 TL-120
Kenwood TL-922 TL-922
Kenwood TM-201A TM-201A
Kenwood TM-211E TM-211E
Kenwood TM-221E TM-221E
Kenwood TM-231A TM-231A
Kenwood TM-231E TM-231E
Kenwood TM-241E TM-241E
Kenwood TM-251E TM-251E
Kenwood TM-255E TM-255E
Kenwood TM-261A TM-261A
Kenwood TM-271A TM-271A
Kenwood TM-271E TM-271E
Kenwood TM-281A TM-281A
Kenwood TM-331A TM-331A
Kenwood TM-401A TM-401A
Kenwood TM-411E TM-411E
Kenwood TM-431E TM-431E
Kenwood TM-441E TM-441E
Kenwood TM-451E TM-451E
Kenwood TM-455E TM-455E
Kenwood TM-461A TM-461A
Kenwood TM-521A TM-521A
Kenwood TM-531E TM-531E
Kenwood TM-541 TM-541
Kenwood TM-631A TM-631A
Kenwood TM-642 TM-642
Kenwood TM-701E TM-701E
Kenwood TM-702E TM-702E
Kenwood TM-721A TM-721A
Kenwood TM-721E TM-721E
Kenwood TM-731A TM-731A
Kenwood TM-731E TM-731E
Kenwood TM-732A TM-732A
Kenwood TM-732E TM-732E
Kenwood TM-733E TM-733E
Kenwood TM-741E TM-741E
Kenwood TM-742E TM-742E
Kenwood TM-833S TM-833S
Kenwood TM-842 TM-842
Kenwood TM-941A TM-941A
Kenwood TM-942 TM-942
Kenwood TM-2400 TM-2400
Kenwood TM-2550A TM-2550A
Kenwood TM-2550E TM-2550E
Kenwood TM-3530A TM-3530A
Kenwood TM-D700A TM-D700A
Kenwood TM-D700E TM-D700E
Kenwood TM-D710A TM-D710A
Kenwood TM-D710E TM-D710E
Kenwood TM-G707A TM-G707A
Kenwood TM-G707E TM-G707E
Kenwood TM-V7A TM-V7A
Kenwood TM-V7E TM-V7E
Kenwood TM-V71A TM-V71A
Kenwood TM-V71E TM-V71E
Kenwood TM-V708 TM-V708
Kenwood TM-V708A TM-V708A
Kenwood TMW-706 TMW-706
Kenwood TMW-706S TMW-706S
Kenwood TR-2E TR-2E
Kenwood TR-50 TR-50
Kenwood TR-751A TR-751A
Kenwood TR-751E TR-751E
Kenwood TR-851A TR-851A
Kenwood TR-851E TR-851E
Kenwood TR-1100 TR-1100
Kenwood TR-1200 TR-1200
Kenwood TR-1300 TR-1300
Kenwood TR-2200 TR-2200
Kenwood TR-2200A TR-2200A
Kenwood TR-2200G TR-2200G
Kenwood TR-2200GII TR-2200GII
Kenwood TR-2200GX TR-2200GX
Kenwood TR-2300 TR-2300
Kenwood TR-2400 TR-2400
Kenwood TR-2500 TR-2500
Kenwood TR-2600E TR-2600E
Kenwood TR-3200 TR-3200
Kenwood TR-3500 TR-3500
Kenwood TR-3600 TR-3600
Kenwood TR-7010 TR-7010
Kenwood TR-7100 TR-7100
Kenwood TR-7200G TR-7200G
Kenwood TR-7400A TR-7400A
Kenwood TR-7500 TR-7500
Kenwood TR-7600 TR-7600
Kenwood TR-7625 TR-7625
Kenwood TR-7700 TR-7700
Kenwood TR-7730 TR-7730
Kenwood TR-7800 TR-7800
Kenwood TR-7850 TR-7850
Kenwood TR-7900 TR-7900
Kenwood TR-7930 TR-7930
Kenwood TR-7950 TR-7950
Kenwood TR-8300 TR-8300
Kenwood TR-8400 TR-8400
Kenwood TR-9000 TR-9000
Kenwood TR-9130 TR-9130
Kenwood TR-9300 TR-9300
Kenwood TR-9500 TR-9500
Kenwood TRC-60 TRC-60
Kenwood TRC-70 TRC-70
Kenwood TRC-80 TRC-80
Kenwood TS-50S TS-50S
Kenwood TS-60S TS-60S
Kenwood TS-120S TS-120S
Kenwood TS-120V TS-120V
Kenwood TS-130S TS-130S
Kenwood TS-130V TS-130V
Kenwood TS-140S TS-140S
Kenwood TS-180S TS-180S
Kenwood TS-430S TS-430S
Kenwood TS-440S TS-440S
Kenwood TS-450S TS-450S
Kenwood TS-480HX TS-480HX
Kenwood TS-480SAT TS-480SAT
Kenwood TS-500 TS-500
Kenwood TS-510 TS-510
Kenwood TS-515 TS-515
Kenwood TS-520 TS-520
Kenwood TS-520S TS-520S
Kenwood TS-520SE TS-520SE
Kenwood TS-530S TS-530S
Kenwood TS-530SP TS-530SP
Kenwood TS-570DG TS-570DG
Kenwood TS-570S TS-570S
Kenwood TS-590 TS-590
Kenwood TS-600 TS-600
Kenwood TS-660 TS-660
Kenwood TS-670 TS-670
Kenwood TS-680S TS-680S
Kenwood TS-690S TS-690S
Kenwood TS-700A TS-700A
Kenwood TS-700G TS-700G
Kenwood TS-700S TS-700S
Kenwood TS-711E TS-711E
Kenwood TS-770 TS-770
Kenwood TS-780 TS-780
Kenwood TS-790E TS-790E
Kenwood TS-811E TS-811E
Kenwood TS-820 TS-820
Kenwood TS-820S TS-820S
Kenwood TS-830M TS-830M
Kenwood TS-830S TS-830S
Kenwood TS-850S TS-850S
Kenwood TS-870S TS-870S
Kenwood TS-900 TS-900
Kenwood TS-930 TS-930
Kenwood TS-930S TS-930S
Kenwood TS-930V TS-930V
Kenwood TS-940S TS-940S
Kenwood TS-950S TS-950S
Kenwood TS-950SDX TS-950SDX
Kenwood TS-990D TS-990D
Kenwood TS-990S TS-990S
Kenwood TS-2000 TS-2000
Kenwood TS-2000X TS-2000X
Kenwood TS-B2000 TS-B2000
Kenwood TV-502 TV-502
Kenwood TV-506 TV-506
Kenwood TW-4000 TW-4000
Kenwood TW-4000A TW-4000A
Kenwood TW-4100E TW-4100E
Kenwood TX-310 TX-310
Kenwood TX-599 TX-599
Kenwood TX-599 CS TX-599 CS
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