Sailor Est. Denmark

Sailor builds high quality maritime equipment. Based in Denmark. The Sailor brand was aquired by Thrane & Thrane in 2004 and is still used today.

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Image Model
Sailor 16T 16T
Sailor 46T 46T
Sailor 46TD 46TD
Sailor 66TS 66TS
Sailor 76D 76D
Sailor CU5110 CU5110
Sailor R103 R103
Sailor R104 R104
Sailor R105 R105
Sailor R106 R106
Sailor R108 R108
Sailor R109 R109
Sailor R110 R110
Sailor R501 R501
Sailor R1119 R1119
Sailor R1120 R1120
Sailor R2022 R2022
Sailor RT141 RT141
Sailor RT142 RT142
Sailor RT143 RT143
Sailor RT144 RT144
Sailor RT144AC RT144AC
Sailor RT144B RT144B
Sailor RT144C RT144C
Sailor RT2047 RT2047
Sailor RT2048 RT2048
Sailor T2031 T2031
Sailor T2130 T2130
Sailor T2131 T2131
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