ADI Est. 2001 | Taiwan

ADI Communications (ADIC) was established in 2001. ADI manufactures a number of portable and mobile amateur radio rigs. Besides that, they also produce equipment for professional applications.

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 AM-580 AM-580
Mobile dual-band transceiver
 AR-146 AR-146
Mobile VHF Transceiver
 AR-147 AR-147
VHF Transceiver
 AR-147E AR-147E
Mobile VHF Transceiver
 AR-247 AR-247
Mobile VHF Transceiver
 AR-446 AR-446
Mobile UHF Transceiver
 AR-447 AR-447
UHF Transceiver
 AT-201HP AT-201HP
Handheld VHF Transceiver
 AT-400 AT-400
Handheld UHF Transceiver
 AT-401HP AT-401HP
Handheld UHF Transceiver
 AT-600HP AT-600HP
Handheld VHF/UHF Transceiver
 TM-281A TM-281A
Mobile 2m transceiver
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