Eddystone Est. 1925 , closed 1995 | USA

Eddystone Radio started life as Stratton and Laughton a subsidiary of Rainsford and Laughton, Birmingham fancy goods manufacturers, in 1925. Sets were produced by the company in bewildering variety. Eddystone receivers were used by many scientific expeditions of the 1930s, such as the British Arctic Air Route Expedition and the Hudson Strait Settlement Expedition. In 1935 work started on VHF experiments and portable Eddystone five-metre equipment was used by the 1936 Mount Everest Expedition.

In 1965, with the agreement of the Laughton family, Marconi set up a company called Eddystone Radio Limited and bought the assets, goodwill and trademarks of thr radio business from Stratton and Laughtons. The transition to solid state started in this period.

Around 1980 the company entered the broadcast transmitter field in partnership with the BBC. This was very successful and took things into the ‘90s when Eddystone and the BBC pioneered the new Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

During the 1990s demand for professional HF sets demised due to the end of the cold war and increasing satellite communication. Eddystone ceased production around 1995. Part of the company still lives on as Eddystone Broadcasting.

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Image Model
Eddystone 670 670
Eddystone 670A 670A
Eddystone 680X 680X
Eddystone 730/4 730/4
Eddystone 770U / MkII 770U / MkII
Eddystone 830/2 830/2
Eddystone 830/7 830/7
Eddystone 840/A 840/A
Eddystone 840/C 840/C
Eddystone 850/2 850/2
Eddystone 870 870
Eddystone 870A 870A
Eddystone 880/2 880/2
Eddystone 909A 909A
Eddystone 940 940
Eddystone 960 960
Eddystone 990R 990R
Eddystone 990S 990S
Eddystone 1830/1 1830/1
Eddystone E958/7N E958/7N
Eddystone EB-35 EB-35
Eddystone EB-35 Mk II EB-35 Mk II
Eddystone EB-35 Mk III (Statesman) EB-35 Mk III (Statesman)
Eddystone EC10 EC10
Eddystone EC10 MkII EC10 MkII
Eddystone EC10A2 EC10A2
Eddystone Orion 7000 Orion 7000
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