Signal/One Est. 1969 | Japan

The Signal/One subsidiary of NCR introduced a revolutionary new communications transceiver to the amateur market in 1969. The Signal/One Signal/One CX-7 offered superior performance and features never before available to the radio amateur. The totally re-designed Signal/One CX-11 came out in 1974 and is considered by many to be the finest American made communications transceiver ever built. In 1982, the Signal/One Milspec 1030 was introduced as the first fully synthesized HF transceiver. Total production of all three models was only slightly over 1000 units.

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Image Model
Signal/One CX-7 CX-7
Signal/One CX-7A CX-7A
Signal/One CX-7B CX-7B
Signal/One CX-11 CX-11
Signal/One CX-11A CX-11A
Signal/One Milspec 1030 Milspec 1030
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