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We have documentation available for many models. Our database currently spans over 4.1 GB of data. Please use the search option above to find documents for your specific rig.

Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview Gebruikershandleiding COM
Mar 2020 PDF, 4.85 MB 6 months ago
Document preview Icom IC-821H service manual
Mar 2020 PDF, 8.27 MB 6 months ago
Document preview President Valery Maintenance Manual (French)
Service manual **in French**
Apr 2020 PDF, 22.54 MB 5 months ago
Document preview Bearcat UBC9000XLT (manual) (1)
Manual for this scanner
2020 PDF, 11.12 MB 5 months ago
Document preview Intek B-3104 AF diagrams (Italian)
Technical specifications, block and circuit diagrams.
Apr 2020 PDF, 832.2 kB 5 months ago
President Harry III / Johnny III Service Manual
Service manual for the President Harry III and Johnny III models. 60 pages.
Apr 2020 ZIP, 4.72 MB 5 months ago
Midland/Alan 78 Plus print board
Picture of the inside of the 78 Plus.
Apr 2020 JPEG, 1.95 MB 5 months ago
Document preview Schematic Intek Multinorm-3230
May 2020 PDF, 3.70 MB 4 months ago
Document preview Manual CRT Megapro ENG
May 2020 PDF, 18.72 MB 4 months ago
Document preview Modification CRT Megapro ENG FR
Mod for the megapro
May 2020 PDF, 450.6 kB 4 months ago
Document preview Standard C401/C408 Basic Operations manual
12 pages, translated from Japanese to English
May 2020 PDF, 75.6 kB 4 months ago
AOR AR-950 Discriminator Output Mod
How to add a discriminator output to the AOR AR-950 in a few simple steps.
2020 JPEG, 468.2 kB 8 months ago
Yaesu Musen FTV-650 front view photo
This is better front picture
Feb 2019 JPEG, 2.64 MB 1 year ago
Yaesu Musen FTV-650 rear view photo
FTV-650 back panel
Feb 2019 JPEG, 2.38 MB 1 year ago
Document preview Icom IC-9700 Basic Manual
Basic manual contains the following chapters: panel description, installations and connections, basic operation, receiving and transmitting, scope operation, SD-card, satellite communication, set mode, clock, maintenance, specifications, options and connector information. 96 pages.
Feb 2019 PDF, 3.82 MB 1 year ago
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