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Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview ICOM IC-2500 Schematic Diagram
Detailed circuit diagram
1989 PDF, 608.2 kB 1 month ago
Document preview Tram XL Opertion Manual
Contains installation and operation instructions, technical specifications and parts list. 16 pages.
1975 PDF, 1.13 MB 1 month ago
Document preview KN-850 QRP transceiver Instructions / manual
Short (13 page) instruction document giving a brief overview of the KN-850. Contains menu structure description and radio operation.
PDF, 1.19 MB 1 month ago
Document preview Kenwood TH27/47AE instruction manual
Instruction manual for the TH-27A/27E and TH-47A/47E. Contains specifications, operation instructions, block and circuit diagrams, maintenance guidelines and accessories information. 52 pages.
1990 PDF, 3.01 MB 1 month ago
Document preview Kenpro KP760 Manual
2 page instruction manual with pin-out and wiring diagram.
PDF, 1.37 MB 4 weeks ago
Document preview Uniden UBC69XLT Owner's Manual
Sep 2005 PDF, 1.43 MB 4 weeks ago
Document preview Uniden UBC93XLT Owners Manual
2011 PDF, 1.61 MB 4 weeks ago
Document preview Uniden UBC3000XLT Owners Manual
Operating guide containing scanner basic, programming, scan- search- and manual modes, features, specifications and troubleshooting information. Catalog number: UBZZ01247AZ
1995 PDF, 5.84 MB 4 weeks ago
Document preview Sommerkamp FR100B Instruction book
Contains specifications, parts list, circuit description, installation and operation instructions, controls, alignment procedure, maintenance guide, trouble shooting, block diagrams and circuit diagrams. 24 pages.
1965 PDF, 4.22 MB 3 weeks ago
Document preview Radio-Shack Pro-91 Owner's Manual
Owner's manual. Contains operation instructions, trunk tracking, troubleshooting and maintenance and technical specifications. Cat. no. 20-521. 72 pages.
1998 PDF, 803.8 kB 2 weeks ago
Icom FDAM-3 Schematic
Schematic diagram, redrawn by JH3DBO in 1997 from the original diagram from 1969.
Sep 1997 JPEG, 446.9 kB 1 week ago
Document preview Elecraft KPA1500 Owner's Manual Rev B1
Contains specifications, installation and operation instructions, remote operation, calibration details and interfacing with other transceivers. Revision B1, February 12, 2019, E740301
Feb 2019 PDF, 2.12 MB 1 week ago
Document preview Elecraft KPA1500 Programming Reference Ver-2.34
KPA1500 commands and their responses use the ASCII character set. 53 pages.
Oct 2019 PDF, 605.1 kB 1 week ago
Scanner FIXe Jpg
JPEG, 95.7 kB 6 days ago
Document preview ICOM IC-2500/9k6 mod
PDF, 13.7 kB 4 days ago
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