Drake SSR-1 reviews

Drake SSR-1
Desktop Shortwave receiver

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Wadley Loop Receiver


Similar to the tuning system employed by the better Yaesu FRG-7.
Unless you like endlessly turning knobs when moving from one band to another, tuning these radios is extremely cumbersome and tiring. The Preselector must be continuously ‘peaked’ to receive the signal at maximum strength. One also has to set the MHz and kHz knobs.
While the FRG-7 has a lock light to indicate correct MHz position the ssr-1 has no light. Likewise the Preselector control on the SSR-1 is not calibrated like the Preselector on the FRG-7.
Synthesized digital sets by Sangean, Sony, Kenwood, or Tecsun are better choices than any wadley loop radio.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2010
USD 120.00

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