Hallicrafters SX-28A Super Skyrider reviews

HALLICRAFTERS SX-28A New Owner's Review (2020)

Hilary Lamothe

I was searching for a good yet affordable SX-28A to purchase and complete restoration, to have a boatanchor of most historic WW2 vintage. I already have a great condition HAMMARLUND HQ-129-X, which I purchased as a Novice Ham receiver in the 70's to replace the crummy Heathkit GR64. I found one on ebay, mostly recapped, with 4 manuals reproduced and bound including the War Department AN/GRR-2 which explains almost every component function, and the Militarized version Fungus coatings and special potted and ruggedized components. the price from a Ham in CO, who excellently cut builders foam for both of the double boxing ($95 including shipping to GA) was bid $595.00. I found some loose knobs and controls, unconnected 8th wire ftom T2, cracked C31 also in IF Selectivity circuit, and weak S-meter - dye to these 2 IF circuit path OPENS. I had a lot of cleaning and Deoxit and lube for both huge tuning caps and their geartrains, now much smoother spinning those marvelous handwheels! Also the BFO is weak (a known design flaw, only 2 pf coupling to 2nd Detector!), and does not adjust well to zero beat, though the tuning coil works., because of the IF issues. The audio is OK but I got mismatched 6V6 metal, not GT version glass tubes. Ordered Gold Lion pair and Hammond MFG 1608A 8K to low Z Premium Output TF to rebuild amp like Dynaco A410 with feedback and 10W with Screens tapped "Ultralinear" upgraded circuit! There are still 11 noisy paper caps > Mylar ASAP, in the front end, and I signal traced with my PL880 radio, from ANT to Mixer, touching the tuning cap sections in turn to vetify. May be mica caps have read. Moving them breaks the seal. ALSO putting in 1 or 2% Metal Film resistors everywhere! fINALLY, GOING TO regulate THE 100V screen voltage rail, and 280/230V choke output so OSC and BFO also are regulated. Maybe DC on the filaments too, using the 5Z3 rectifier 5V winding and silicon diodes to allow mounting my upgraded output TF there! In short, so far I liked the Hammarlund controls sharpness, smoothness and stability, as well as excellent crystal filter BETTER; Glad I had it as my Ham receiver!!! Thanks W4HDL

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2020
USD 595.00

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