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Mobile VHF/UHF Transceiver

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Excellent Dual Band Performer with D-Star GPS


Paid $649AUD for the radio plus $279AUD for the UT-123 D Star/GPS board Owned my IC2820H for 2 years optional D Star / GPS fitted. Nice performance on RX/TX with good audio. I live in a very dense, high RF area on vhf/uhf. I found the RX to be susceptible to spurious inter-modulation from nearby high power transmitters. That aside it receives very well. The signal meters are also a little generous. There is separate so239 socket to allow the option to use a diversity antenna which does work well. The radio will wide band RX 118Mhz to 999Mhz and TX to 470Mhz on UHF if modified. 3 RF power levels selectable and very neat features like a basic band scope scanner. CTCSS DTCSS and RTB all work very well. The D Star and GPS addon option are a must have. The radio truly comes into its own when used on the D Star network. I used an ID-1 and I prefer the 2820H between the two. Inbuilt fan on the heat sink, user controlled or auto. DTMF mic is standard as well as detachable front face for remote mounting. The IC2820H can also be used as a cross-band repeater U/V-V/U. Display Color can be user changed on the LCD. For the price this radio may seem expensive at first but you will truly appreciate all of its functionality and performance.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2009
AUD 649.00

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