Kenwood TM-741E reviews

Kenwood TM-741E
Mobile VHF/UHF Transceiver

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A rig that you wish was still made! Great X3!


This is the "A" version for North America, but still a rig that many would like to get their hands on. So, when a friend e-mailed me that one of these rigs was up for sale, with the 222MHz module, I jumped on it. Well worth the wait and now my main tri-band 2m / 222MHz / 440MHz base rig. Only problems were the 1990's teardrop mic, dead Li Memory Battery, and several display wheat bulbs burned out in display. All fixable. Replaced mic with new Kenwood MC-51 DTMF mic. Then, replaced all display wheat bulbs with 3mm white LED's. That display now looks wonderful with a white raster look. And no problem replacing battery. This rig does everything that I want on all three bands. Also a good idea to clean out rear muffin 2" fan. Just be sure that you do not back this rig to a wall because of that fan. Great RX on all three bands as well. Out of band, the UHF side of this rig looses sensitivity from 450MHz and above. Can't legally talk there anyway, so who cares? VHF side hears well into the 160MHz weather FREQ's. This rig programs the classic Kenwood memories way, but has other features that a quick cheat-sheet is nice to keep with it. This rig is a keeper!

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2009
USD 500.00

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