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Kenwood TS-520SE
Desktop Shortwave Transceiver

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TS-520SE - Great Rig


The Kenwood TS-520SE was my first rig, obtained from a fellow ham who was an avid CW operator, after I got my Novice license. I operated this rig on CW while holding my Novice ticket, and on CW and phone (10 meters) after obtaining my Technician ticket, and then on phone after I got my General. It was a rugged, reliable performer and the dual 6146B finals allowed me to feed my antenna and get a signal on the air even if my SWR was on the high side. The receive audio was superb, and with the 500 Hz CW filter, I was able to successfully work night QSOs on 40 meters even though I was competing with international shortwave broadcasters on nearby frequencies. As I had no 13.8 volt power supply at the time, I found the line voltage internal power supply quite handy. The controls on this radio were pretty self explanatory, and it was relatively easy and quick to tune the finals. On SSB phone, I used a D-104 microphone and got great audio quality reports. Many memories and several good friends created with this rig. Sold it and purchased a Kenwood TS-440S which I was very happy with for many years, but after retiring, I missed the TS520SE, so I found one used online and purchased it so I could enjoy it again for a few more years!

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 1981
USD 500.00

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