Kenwood TS-830S

Desktop Shortwave Transceiver

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The Kenwood TS-803S is a highly sophisticated solid state amateur band tranceiver employing only three vacuum tubes. Operating on all amateur bands between 1.8 and 29.7 MHz The TS-830S includes VOX, 25 kHz calibrator, RIT, RF attenuator and noise blanker. Automatic Gain Control (ACG) and Automatic Level Control (ALC) and semi break-in CW are also included.

General characteristics

HAM bands
Frequency stability
Withing 1 kHz during the first hour after 1 minute of warm up. Withing 100 Hz during any 30 minute period after warm up.
Tuning steps


10-160 m + WARC
CW   SSB  
0.25 µV at 10 dB S+N/N
SSB/CW wide
2.4 kHz (-6 dB), 3.6 kHz (-60 dB)
CW narrow
With YK-88C: 500 Hz (-6 dB), 1.5 kHz (-60 dB)
With YK-88CN: 270 Hz (-6 dB), 820 Hz (-60 dB)
With YG-455C: 500 Hz (-6 dB), 820 Hz (-60 dB)
With YG-455CN: 250 Hz (-6 dB), 500 Hz (-60 dB)
0.5 / 2.4 kHz
Receiver system
Double conversion superheterodyne
1st: 8.83 MHz
2nd: 445 kHz
Image rejection
> 60 dB
Audio output
1.5 W @ 8 ohm


10-160 m + WARC
CW   SSB  
100 W max




Power requirements
Current drain RX
295 W
32 W


Between 1981 and 19xx
Dimensions (w×h×d)
333 × 133 × 333 mm (13.11 × 5.24 × 13.11 in)
13.50 kg (29.8 lbs)
Form factor
Base Station

Other features

Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
Noise blanker

Manuals, diagrams and brochures

Kenwood TS-830S Service Manual submitted by RigReference
Kenwood TS-830S User Manual submitted by RigReference
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Reviews & stories

Excellent old radio

Kenwood TS-830S, Desktop Shortwave Transceiver

These are some of the finest amateur radio transceivers ever made. I doubt many of the modern rigs will be around as long as these have nor will the modern ones perform as well when they reach 20 to 30 years of age.
The radio is easy to use and very intuitive to operate. I have been around tube final since high school and commercial broadcasting so tuning is a no-brainer, and it can be for any one. Some operators are afraid of tuning a radio. Kenwood has a step by step set-up in the manual and from there is is just tune and load.
Transmit reports are always good depending on conditions and the receive audio on this radio is excellent. The radio has many features including I.F. shift and a notch filter.
My radio has all the filters installed and came with an MC-50 microphone and desk stand.
The only things I do not like are the cheap 18-2 zip cord power cord that cannot be removed and there is no a.m. mode. I would not hesitate to recommend one of these to anyone who wants to get on the H.F. bands.

Written by ai4wm on Jun 9, 2011

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2010
USD 350.00

Solid Performer, the TS 830s

Kenwood TS-830S, Desktop Shortwave Transceiver

I am on my 3rd 830s. I first bought one years ago but let it go on a horrible trade.

Ten years later, i bought a used 830s but made the mistake to go to a modern rig. Big boo boo..the modern rig never measured up!

This present model will stay with me until I pass into that final QSO...

Very sensitive receiver. It picks things out my other radios barely hear.

I operate barefoot with in the power down mode and reach out world wide.

My only gig on the radio is the band switch. Be sure to check on this when buying a used model.

Written by fmann on Jul 15, 2011

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2008
USD 425.00

Czolowe miejsce i nie do pobicia

Kenwood TS-830S, Desktop Shortwave Transceiver

Witam serdecznie posiadam tego Kenwooda TS-830 jest wysmienity mialem wczesniej wiele radi ale ten mnie zauroczyl niesamowicie wygladem i praca na wszystkich pasmach porownujac go do Kenwooda TS 850S ktorego, mialem wczesniej jest o stopien lepszy ts-830 czego moge z reka na sercu powiedzic to ze nie ma Automatycznej skrzynki to nie problem ludzie sie boja zakupywac juz tych starszych sprzetow poniewaz boja sie ich napraw ja zakupilem stan kolekcjionerski i to w tym roku naprawde polecam a nie bedziecie zalowac poprostu mozna sie zakochac .Naprawde zasluguje na Czolowe miejsce i jest jak dla mnie nie do pobicia !!!

Written by SQ5RDM on Jul 30, 2011

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2011
GBP 300.00

New and second-hand prices

Estimating the value of a rig can be challenging. We collect prices paid by real hams over the years to help you estimate the value of a used Kenwood TS-830S. Just bought or sold this model? Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators!

Based on historic data, today's second-hand price of the Kenwood TS-830S is around:

  • EUR 93.00
  • USD 139.00 ~ USD 69.00
  • GBP 148.00 ~ GBP 59.00
Year Historic price Condition Submitted by
2011 GBP 300.00 Used / Mint SQ5RDM
2010 EUR 235.00 Used / Good la3wma
2010 USD 350.00 Used / Mint ai4wm
2010 USD 400.00 Used / Good N9SJA
2008 GBP 235.00 Used / Good Malc G4NXL
2008 USD 275.00 Used / Good RFTim
2008 USD 425.00 Used / Good fmann

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