Lowe HF-150 reviews

Lowe HF-150
Mobile Shortwave receiver

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It might look cute but its no toy.


This small metal box with a tuning dial has its loyal fans, but also a few detractors as well. Probably the latter is because it commands a high price on the market, yet offers none of the perks normally associated with serious Dx receivers. Well, for whatever the HF-150 is not it certainly is a really good radio receiver. I'm suprised and impressed by its sensitivity across the spectrum. It hears well, no hint of deafness anywhere. For a quick comparison the HF-150 is leagues more sensitive than the similarly priced Drake SW-8.

Most people rate this radio as a broadcast receiver, but I'm primarily a sideband utilities and longwave & MW Dx'er. The HF-150 won my confidence in these regards very quickly. And yes its true what you probably read elsewhere: the audio is good.

Once you get over what this little receiver doesn't offer - passband tuning, noise blanker or notch - once you get past that point then you'll definitely appreciate what it does do splendidly. Hear.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Okay condition in 2012
USD 400.00

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