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Desktop Shortwave receiver

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Great vintage receiver


Great vintage HF/SW receiver 0-30 Mhz (no SSB)
Bought one not sure if it is the AR88LF version OR the later CR91?
Going by the schematics (Audio Transformer part ) it is a CR91 but by other schematics it a AR88LF?
No name plate and no indication what version it is no serial number nothing..bit confused about this.
Bought as NOT working and took the change ,tracked fault down to a shorting out Capacitor to Ground
HV rail was shorting completely to Ground no wonder it did not work.
Replace faulty capacitor and WOW i turned it on and what a sound, great reception on all bands
Repair costs 15 Euro (3 Caps) not a bad buy after all.
This receiver is 60 Years old and still performing great
A good look over the capacitors showing leaking caps (Vintage Bathtub caps ) and these where all replaced with modern ones (High Voltage) maybe in the future I put them back in the original metal bathtub enclosures?
Checking the old removed Caps and they where not that much off there original value! After 60 years!
Having nice working receiver now and should check all resistor values and if needed replace them
Probably get even a nicer working receiver if a do a full alignment on it but looking at the service manual this alignment is not for the Beginner and happy enough with the performance
Lots of info on the receiver on the internet and schematics/ user manual wildly available
Get a Forklift to move the AR88 must be 50KG’s!
Any AR88 coming up for sale have to be in the near area , postage be impossible and will cost you a fortune.
Also be aware working on Valve receiver when turned on, measured DC voltage up to 450-500 Volt and can be VERY dangerous

Buy one if you get one offered and get your long wire antenna and you be very happy about this receiver
Price ? all depend in what state it is and working or not working
Had to replace the main power on/off switch already (common problem with these receivers) and this takes already the original vintage look away

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2013
EUR 60.00

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