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Excellent receiver for 630m CW


My CR304A is fitted with transmit-receive capability to operate in tandem with a Belgian SAIT ET-150 marine MF transmitter & 833A "cookie jar" triode with 326W CW output ability for 630m. It also has G0MRF pre-amplifiers for both 630m & 2200m (yet to be system-tuned).

The inner suburban station 630/160m dual-band MF aerial (RadCom Oct/Nov 2015) is a 52.3m/170ft overall length Inverted-L with 3 x 41m/133ft wire capacity hat @ 11.3m/36.75ft spaced 90cms apart, and working against 60 radials, several copper earth stakes, 140m of bonded metal fence rails, several metal rainwater tanks, 10x3.5m metal clad shed, large metal garden shed & extensive domestic copper water piping system. Dual-band feed comes from separate RG58 coaxial cables to a hi-Q, ex-NDB loading inductor for 630m, and series capacitance network for tuning 160m.

Made from 6.5mm silver-plated copper tubing, the inductor has an internal diameter of 43.5cms & L of 165uH.

The aerial base is kept damp by an 800-litre dedicated rainwater tank, polypipe rectangle with 4 x 7litres/hour garden drippers.

I have used this combination for MF operation since early 2015, achieving 2-way 630m hand sent CW communication out to 3000Kms, and world-wide on 160m to date.


Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2016
AUD 300.00

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