Standard C-1208 reviews

Great old 2 Matt radio


The baby brother to the dual band version with " works in the microphone". The only downside to it is the markings on the microphone for all the functions wears off too quickly, in no time at all. Some time soon I will have to find a coating to preserve what markings are left. On the plus side the original manual shows a full sized picture if the markings and perhaps a clear template can be made and glued to the Mic for that. These are a great alternative to the handy talkie to small vhf/ uhf amplifier arrangement a lot of hams are forced to use due to small car interiors. At last search the MFJ version of the mirage bd 35 amp was in over 350 us dollars. These old Standards can be picked up for a song compared to that .

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1998

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