FlexRadio FLEX-3000 reviews

Very best value in ham radio, period


Been using Flex 1500's for years, just recently got a 3000, what a radio. Allows you to control just about every parameter you can think of. And, in these times of the worst atmospheric conditions I can remember, you need digital noise reduction, it's a necessity, not just a luxury. Analog filters are mostly useless against noise reduction. So if you want to stay on the air when most of the older ham rigs can't hear anything but static noise, get a SDR radio, just about anyone of them will get you a lot of contacts worldwide. Got my 3000 used for $800 on QRZ, best investment I ever made. And, the size of the display you use with it can be any size you choose, large or small. Big advantage for people with low vision. If you're not a computer person, stay away from them, they're not for you. We are now approaching a time when just about every manufacturer who does not offer one will cease to exist.

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