Yaesu FT-2900R

Mobile VHF Transceiver

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75 Watts Power Output
75 Watts of Solid RF Power with No Cooling Fan Needed! Four selectable power output levels are provided: 75/25/10/5 Watts. The power selection may be stored into memory, allowing you to conserve power while using strong local repeaters.
Large LCD Display
The large 6 digit backlit LCD on the FT-2900R ensure excellent visibility
Loud Audio with Internal Speaker
The FT-2900R packs 3W BIG watts of Loud Audio with its own Internal Speaker for those noisy environments.
Excellent Receiver Performance
The FT-2900R’s receiver front end features Yaesu’s renowned Advanced Track Tuning RF input filtering, which affords outstanding protection from Intermodulation distortion.
CTCSS and DCS Encode/Decode Built In
For easy repeater access, or silent monitoring of busy channels, both CTCSS and DCS (Digital Code Squelch) Encoder/Decoder circuits are built in. CTCSS and DCS configuration data may be stored independently in each memory channel. A “Split Tone” mode also allows operation on systems where CTCSS and DCS are used separately on the repeater uplink/downlink.
Extensive Memory System
The FT-2900R provides a total of 221 memory channels, including 200 “regular” memories, ten pairs of band-limit memories, and an instant-recall “Home” channel you can dedicate to a frequently-used repeater or simplex frequency. Memories can store repeater shift information, CTCSS/DCS data, power output level, scanning status (“Skip”), and Alpha-Numeric labels.
Alpha-Numeric Channel Display
Memory channels may be displayed either with the channel frequency or a personalized Alpha-Numeric label, for easy channel recognition. Up to six letters, characters, or numbers may be used for labeling channels.
WIRES Internet Linking Access Feature
The FT-2900R includes a conveniently-located “Internet” key, for quick access to Internet-linked repeater systems. Internet repeater linking allows you to use your FT-2800M to talk to other Amateurs throughout the world, with outstanding voice signal quality. The “Internet” key may be configured to send either a single DTMF digit, or a DTMF string, for operation on a WIRES™ (Wide-Coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) repeater, or on other Internet-linked repeaters using DTMF tone access. For more information on WIRES™, please visit our Web site (www.yaesu.com), or send an e-mail to WIRES@vxstdusa.com.
WX Channels
A special 10-channel Weather Band memory bank is provided in the U.S. version, allowing quick access to NOAA weather broadcasts. When the 1050-Hz “Severe Weather” alert tone is transmitted, the FT-2900R may be configured to emit an alarm tone to get your attention quickly. With the “Weather Alert” feature enabled, the FT-2800M will scan the ten Weather memories, stopping only if the 1050-Hz tone is received.
MH-48A6J DTMF Direct Access Microphone
The backlit MH-48A6J microphone allows direct keypad frequency entry, or keypad memory channel recall. On transmit, the MH-48A6J allows manual entry of DTMF tones for autopatch use, and the FT-2900R also includes a nine-memory, 16-digit DTMF Autodialer. Four user-programmable “soft” keys on the microphone may be programmed for easy control of a number of different features, and the [A]/[B]/[C]/[D] keys replicate the functions of the keys on the front panel of the transceiver, for maximum convenience while driving.

General characteristics

HAM bands
Frequency stability
Better than ±10 ppm
Tuning steps


136-174 MHz
FM   N-FM  
Better than 0.4µV (12dB SINAD)
12kHz/28kHz (Wide)
9kHz/22kHz (Narrow)
Receiver system
Double conversion superheterodyne
1st: 21.7 MHz
2nd: 450 kHz
Image rejection
Better than 70dB
Audio output
3W into 4 ohms @ 10% THD


144-146 MHz (Europe)
144-148 MHz (USA)
FM   N-FM  
75 / 25 / 10 / 5 W




Power requirements
13.8V DC ±15%
Current drain RX
0.7A max
15A max


Between 2009 and 20xx
Dimensions (w×h×d)
160 × 50 × 185 mm (6.30 × 1.97 × 7.28 in) w/o knobs
1.90 kg (4.2 lbs)
Form factor

Other features

200 channels in 1 bank(s)
Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
NOAA WX alert (US only)

Reviews & stories

A Real Work Horse - An Excellent Value

Yaesu FT-2900R, Mobile VHF Transceiver

I bought this radio about 3 months ago to replace my Yaesu FT-60R which had been doing double duty as an HT and a quasi-base station. After much dithering and equivocation I had decided that a mono band 2m mobile unit vs. a dual band 2m/70cm rig best suited my needs and my budget. The first thing that struck me about this radio when I saw it on display at the not so local HRO store in Phx. was the over sized LCD display. Clean and uncluttered with large clearly visible frequency display. The next thing that jumped out at me was the sheer heft of this thing, due primarily to the large heat sink that provides for cooling without the necessity of a fan. This is one solid unit and it looks and feels it. It was easy to set up had it out of the box and on the air ready in less than half an hour. Programming as with many of these newer radios is not entirely intuitive, but with the use of the straightforward and fairly easy to follow manual had the majority of my frequencies programmed in and ready to go in about 15 minutes. The controls on this unit are tight and feel good to the hand. Separate volume and squelch controls and an over sized frequency selector as major pluses in my book. The audio quality (RX) is excellent and although I am using this unit as a base station, the audio would more than adequate for most vehicles. Crisp, clear and loud. I have had several positive comments on the transmit audio on this radio as well. I do however have some issues with the microphone. I have large hands and to me the microphone feels too small. Yaesu has put a large number of sensitive controls in a relatively small space to facilitate accessibility from the microphone. I occasionally find myself inadvertently pressing something I had not intended to. Other than this one minor gripe , this an excellent unit. Would I buy this radio again? Absolutely! Would I recommend this rig to a friend? Without hesitation!


Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2009
USD 160.00

Best RIG

Yaesu FT-2900R, Mobile VHF Transceiver

Best for this transceiver
for Indonesia RX/TX 136Mhz - 174Mhz. Good Perfomance BUT..for mic audio highly treeble ond midle.

Written by toil on Sep 22, 2010

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in
USD 150.00


Yaesu FT-2900R, Mobile VHF Transceiver

This was my first rig and this thing is built like a tank! I truly believe I could run my truck over it (8,000lbs) without hurting it.

Crisp and clean audio that you can actually hear over t sound of my diesel with the windows open, plenty of memory storage, excellent power and a host of great features make this a great "first 2m rig" for any ham.

Written by KJ4VOV on May 15, 2011

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2010
USD 185.00
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New and second-hand prices

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Based on historic data, today's second-hand price of the Yaesu FT-2900R is around:

  • EUR 61.00
  • USD 156.00 ~ USD 123.00
Year Historic price Condition Submitted by
2017 USD 159.00 New / Mint W8SFC1
2015 USD 137.00 New / Mint k6avi
2013 USD 169.95 Used / Good universal-radio
2010 EUR 155.00 New / Good thiecom.de
2010 USD 185.00 New / Mint KJ4VOV
2009 USD 160.00 Used / Good JollyMon

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