Uniden-Bearcat BC175XL reviews

Uniden-Bearcat BC175XL
Mobile VHF/UHF Scanner / receiver

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Great 1980's classic scanner! Still good today!


Bought this new in 1987 and still use it as my main scanner. Good ears on this scanner too. For about $200.00 it RX'ed AM Aircraft and 29MHz 10M FM bands. Not many scanners back then did that, especially in this price range. It was zapped by close strike lightning once in the mid-1990's, and worth the $80.00 I'd spent to get that repaired. The other repair I was able to do. One of the great jerks about Uniden was the use of under voltage rated electrolytic capacitors. So, if you have one of these scanners and the audio slowly gets weak, and weaker, and weaker, it's the audio coupling CAP. Knowing this, replacing all those CAP's is certainly doable. One little trick to reduce any birdies this scanner may have is to ground the outer case of the main crystal. That works in other radios as well. I use this scanner now to listen to amateur FREQ and let me know when 10M and 6M FM bands are open. Still, serves me well.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1987
USD 200.00

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