Sony ICF-7600GR Handheld HF/VHF Receiver

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The Sony® ICF-SW7600GR is a compact, dual conversion, microprocessor-controlled, frequency synthesized general coverage portable receiver. Direct access tuning is provided along with a multifunction LCD digital readout for unsurpassed convenience and accuracy (1 kHz step tuning on longwave, medium wave and shortwave). Just press the numbered keys to match the frequency you want to hear. Manual and automatic scan tuning plus memory scanning is provided. 100 memories are featured for your favorite stations. These memories are non-volatile and therefore will not be lost during the changing of batteries. The ICF-SW7600GR tunes from 150 to 29999 kHz for solid coverage of longwave, medium wave and shortwave. Smooth Single Sideband (SSB) and Morse code reception is available through a switch with separate LSB and USB positions plus fine tuning thumb-wheel. A special Synchronous Detector circuit reduces fading and annoying "beat" frequency interference from adjacent stations as well as distortion due to fading shortwave reception. FM stereo (87.6 - 108 MHz in 50 kHz steps) is provided to the mini stereo headphone jack. A record output jack is included for taping off the air. Advanced features include: dial light, continuously, variable attenuator, 9/10 kHz MW step, "Tune" indicator, keypad lock, 1/5 kHz step tuning, flip-stand, tone switch and external antenna jack. There is also a Sleep function which can be set for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The side-lit dial light will illuminate the LCD green for 15 seconds when the dial light switch is pressed. This radio has a 24 hour digital quartz clock with dual timer. You can set the radio audio to come on with Timer A and Timer B. The current time is displayed when the radio is off. To view the time while the radio is on simply press the [EXE] key. The time will then display automatically for 9 seconds.

Frequency range

0.15-30 / 87.6-108 MHz
HAM bands
Tuning steps
1 kHz


AM   W-FM   CW   USB   LSB  
Receiver system
Double conversion superheterodyne
Image rejection
Audio output




Built-in ferrite bar + Built-in sweep


Power requirements
6V DC or 4×AA cells
Current drain RX


Dimensions (w×h×d)
191 × 120 × 32 mm (7.52 × 4.72 × 1.26 in)
624 gr (1.4 lbs)
Form factor
Between 198x and 199x in Japan

Other features

100 channels in bank(s)
Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options

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Stories & reviews

Excellent portable

Sony ICF-7600GR, Handheld HF/VHF Receiver

This rig is the best SSB receiving portable out there. It could be even better though. The absence of a tuning knob is annoying at times, as is the fixed bandwidth. All in all its good value for its price range.

Written by kk6icp on Apr 6, 2014

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2014
USD 159.00

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  • EUR 40.00
Price Condition Year User
EUR 160.00 New / Mint 2007 HT Performance

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